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The Italian Confederation of Shipowners Criticizes Government Allocation of Funds for Refitting Ships

Jan 4, 2023International0 comments

The Italian Confederation of Shipowners (Confitarma) expressed its appreciation for the Complementary Fund which provides companies with the necessary funds to refit their ships. However, Confitarma also criticized the criteria that companies must meet in order to be able to qualify for the fund saying that companies such as the Grimaldi Group have remained excluded.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport released a breakdown of the fund which shows that 67% of the fund has not been allocated (approximately 330 of 500 euros). The report also shows that more than 75% of the funds dedicated to the refitting of ships has not been committed and 55% of the fund for the construction of new ships remains unused.

Confitarma believes that the results of this report “should not be attributed to a lack of interest of the shipowners in this incentive system but rather, to some constraints envisaged for access which, as we have repeatedly pointed out have excluded an important share of the fleet operated by the national armament”.

In reference to one of the criteria imposed by the fund, Confitarma commented: “only a part of the merchant vessels operated by the nation shipping is employed on routes that continuously touch an Italian port. Imposing this constraint has excluded many companies, despite the complicated process of ecological transition that affects all ships”.

The Confindustria shipowners’ association “asks the Government to adopt the necessary actions as soon as possible so that the residual resources are not dispersed. We strongly hope that the Government will continue and improve the strategy accompanying the sector towards the green transition of the entire merchant fleet”.