Avrio Logistics

An Industry Leader In Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

Avrio Logistics

An Industry Leader In Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions


Avrio Logistics operates around the core concept of smooth, efficient client engagement centering on solving a variety of logistics needs.  We think of each client as a partner, and we measure our success by yours.  Our goal is to provide agile strategies and tactical results.   Our mantra is:

To apply knowledge gained by years of experience, constantly evolving and adding to that wellspring so we can provide efficient, customer centric services that help our clients achieve their core goals.

We excel at bridging strategy with results. That means metrics you can access and review, technology that reinforces the plan, transparency of information, punctual and on-time delivery and pick-ups, and answers at our customer’s fingertips. We will reduce the stress of communicating the status of all your accounts with your clients, keeping everyone informed. Our intent is to continually evolve our business practices, practical knowledge, and technology so that we can all move forward together.


Avrio Logistics believes in Security. We have state-of-the-art security systems at all of our locations. We are proud to provide these services to assure our clients get the best possible security features.
  • Keyless Card Access Security System Tied to Security

  • Entire Facility is Fenced and Barb Wired

  • Fully Monitored and Logged Security System

  • Employee Background Checks

  • Drug-Tested Employees

  • Fully Automated Sprinkler System Throughout Facility

Avrio is the industry-leading, real-time network that connects and uplifts the entire supply chain ecosystem. Beyond bringing efficiencies and automating repetitive tasks – we bring data from multiple sources to drive real-time visibility in inventory, collaboration or co-innovation across trading partners, precision around availability or real-time status of orders, smart contracts and managing by exception—executed and enabled through our solutions to drive growth and value for customers.


Asset Lifecycle Management

Avrio enables carriers, service providers and enterprises to manage their key assets, including containers, chassis, trailers and more across the entire lifecycle. It also provides accurate and dynamic asset tracking, financial management and maintenance and repair

End-to-End Visibility

Avrio delivers end-to-end inventory and shipment visibility for proactive planning and issues management; multi-mode transport visibility for road, ocean, rail, air, barge, etc.; and multi-mode connectivity for real-time tracking for API, EDI and data-streaming

Freight Audit & Pay

Avrio enables transparency and granular visibility for freight audit and pay with smart contract repository, rating management and validation, automated  invoice and cost accrual auditing transparent  payment and settlement

Logistics Execution

Avrio Logistics helps customers successfully execute all aspects of logistics across the supply chain including first- and last-mile visibility and invoicing, enhances visibility and control over transportation spend and improves customer service and vendor relations

Supply Chain Optimization

Avrio automates routing and asset utilization, reduces costs and enables agility in capacity planning

CHB Solutions

Our STC Division provides a full suite of Customs Brokerage Services. Stay tuned – we will be launching the website where you can see more about STC Logistics…


Avrio solutions provide more than just visibility and orchestration. They minimize risk, decrease complexity and reduce costs for the entire supply chain ecosystem via these features…

Features of Avrio Solutions

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Fulfillment
  • Equipment Reservations
  • Shipment Execution
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Settlement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Asset Optimization
  • Trading Partner Connectivity
  • Shipment Visibility


Avrio Logistics has multiple locations, from the North Jersey / Greater Metro Area to the Southern California Area.

We Invest In Technology

Our technology includes features giving us a competitive edge in the logistics market…

On-line Pick-ups


On-line Status of Freight


Inventory Control Software


Electronic Billing / Payments


Every Single Document is Scanned / Available On-line


E-mail and IM messenger


Our Tech is Always Improving


Credit Card Payments Available


The Big Picture

We’d like to learn more about your transportation needs and warehousing needs, and discuss where you want your goods to be. Then, we’ll show you how Avrio Logistics total logistics solutions can get you there on time, every time. We look forward to hearing from you for your free quote.

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