Avrio Logistics provides over a million square feet of warehousing space and provides transloading, consolidation,distribution, pick and pack
& storage solutions.

Avrio Logistics provides over a million square feet of warehousing space and provides transloading, consolidation, distribution,

pick and pack & storage solutions.

Warehousing plays a powerful role in the supply chain, in many cases it is the last segment of the chain.  What your customers receive is heavily influence by the actions of the warehouse and how they process orders.  Performance in this area is vital.

Proper labeling, adherence to delivery dates, and an understanding and respect for what our customers expect are some of the core values we apply to our warehousing processes.
We listen to the store, distribution center, or factory where your goods will be forwarded and follow their needs to the letter, making certain that you are not hit with chargebacks due to improper procedures.

Process monitoring is a vigilant procedure of checking labeling requirements to help reduce the chances of penalties and chargebacks.    Our top priority is pleasing our clients, and we consider ourselves an extension of your company.


The process of moving cargo from one type of equipment to another is called transloading. If you import an ocean container into New Jersey and need to truck those goods directly to Lexington, KY then you will move your goods from the ocean container to one of our over-the-road trailers. In those cases, we would pick up your container at the harbor and return it to our warehouse where we will have an over-the-road trailer standing by. With timely notice we can pick up your container and transload all in the same day.
Transloading is also a way to reduce the number of units you are moving to a distant location. Depending on your product type, you can often put three 40 or 45-foot containers into two 53 foot over-the-road trailers, thus reducing your inland expense. Avrio Logistics regularly handles many of these operations every single day. We understand how to coordinate each facet of the logistics chain to ensure that the empty trailer and the loaded container are at our facility at the same time.

Consolidation Services

Consolidation saves you both time and money. Freight is consolidated into one truck and is delivered as part of calculated stops along optimal routes. This approach helps ensure that every shipment will reach its destination on time, using as few resources as possible and therefore reducing the cost.

Why Consolidate?

Consider consolidation services when you have unused space in shipping containers, or perhaps when there is a shortage of drivers. When you want to save on fuel charges, and when you want to reduce the carbon footprint of the delivery in general.
Moving freight from multiple trucks to fewer trucks with targeted deliveries saves time and money.


Avrio provides cross-docking – we unload cargo directly loading it onto an outbound truck. This reduces the costs of storage and labor. This provides an efficient and practical means for conducting consolidation and de-consolidation procedures for both incoming and outgoing vehicles. This speeds up efficiency.

Distribution Services

Imagine you have to import a container of 1,000 cartons of garments, or perhaps 800 cartons of pre-school toys and then ship them to 50 stores or 20 regional warehouses.  Those are both examples of “distribution services”.
Avrio Logistics will pick up your containers at the pier and bring those containers to our warehouse. After arrival at our warehouse based on your instructions we will unload the containers, segregate the goods as needed, and store in our warehouse. When your client is ready for distribution, simply provide us with the shipping instructions and we do the rest. That may include picking the order by destination, affixing labels, palletizing, stretch wrapping, and loading to outbound trucks. We take care of their customers by providing an accurate expedited distribution service. Avrio Logistics considers itself an extension of your team and assumes that role every day.

Picking Orders by Destination


Affixing Labels

Loading Outbound Trucks

Pick and Pack

When your clients want you to fill orders from parts or products with many SKU’s and it needs to be re-packed prior to shipping, you are requesting a Pick and Pack service. In most cases, we can provide that service. This service consists of unloading your container or trailer and segregating large volumes of styles, models, and SKU’s and organizing them in a way that makes it efficient to fill your orders.




An example would be if you were an importer or manufacturer of machinery or products that required replacement parts. We would store those parts and ship them via small package carriers to points based on your shipping orders. Give us a call today and we can discuss your specific needs and how we can best develop a tailored logistics plan to suit your specific needs.


Whether you need short or long term storage, Avrio Logistics can assist you. We have the ability to store palletized goods, carton stock, super sacks and many other unitized types of freight. If you need storage for a week, a month, or a year, Avrio Logistics can assist you. During the time your goods are in storage you will receive regular inventory reports and even photos of your products. Our facilities are modern and clean and conducive to maintaining your goods in excellent condition. In terms of security, our facilities are alarmed with fire protection and a full array of security cameras.

Modern Facilities

Fire Protection

Full Array of Security Cameras

Immaculate Conditions