Avrio Logistics

is an Industry Leader
in Trade Show, Convention &
Event Transportation Services.

Avrio Logistics

is an Industry Leader in Trade Show, Convention & Event Transportation Services.

Time Critical

When you need to set up for an event, you have a lot of things to manage.  Avrio Logistics provides the storage of your trade show materials and the efficient transport of the materials to and from the event.

We offer a Complete package of Services that will help streamline any Trade Show move, regardless of the Location.

Our success in the Industry has made us the Official Carrier for numerous Trade Shows and Conventions across the Continental United States.

Our Services Include

  • Door-to-Show/Show-to-Door Service
  • Secure Nationwide Warehousing & Storage
  • On-Site Management
  • Exclusive Use Vehicles & Liftgate Service
  • Global Shipping with Customs Brokerage
  • Oversized & Heavyweight Shipments
  • Help Exhibitors Avoid Forced Freight
  • Experience in Dealing with Decorators and Cartage Companies
  • Better Control of the Door to the Trade Show Floor Process
  • Weekend Pick-up and Delivery
  • Time Critical Expediting
  • Special Move-In & Move-Out Services

Special All-Inclusive Rates for Exhibitors

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Stop by the Freight Service Desk

to complete the General Contractor’s Material Handling Agreement. You must indicate that the Shipment is “Prepaid”, check “Service Level Desired” and note your carrier as Avrio Logistics.

Call the Avrio Logistics Trade Show Division

with any questions you may have, or to advise us of any changes in the shipping arrangements your company has already made with us. Call Chris Oyama on my cell number: (973) 943-6160, or you can email me at: christopher.o@avriologistics.com
After Show Close
Pack All Equipment & Literature
When your empty cases return from empty storage (if applicable), remove all old shipping and “EMPTY” labels.
Be certain that each container is labeled with the new destination address labels provided by Avrio Logistics or General Contractor.
If you have multiple shipments, group the portions together so a stray piece will not be overlooked.
Remember to designate Avrio Logistics as your Carrier on the Outbound Material Handling Form
Return the Form to the Service Desk before departing.