The Long Haul Trucking Business

Shipment of products across state lines takes hours of travel. The road condition is not the only major requirement for these deliveries. It also requires heavy long haul trucks and most of all, highly proficient drivers. Long haul trucking brings products safely and intact to consumers in distant areas.

The Long Haul Trucking Business

A variety of tasks are included in long haul trucking, like operating a heavy haul vehicle. However, the usual activities in a long haul truck operation include loading and unloading of cargoes every two days. With short haul trucking, loading and unloading is performed two or three times daily.

To ensure that the truck is functioning properly and safely, operators check the rigs on a regular basis. Planning the most favorable road is the drivers’ job. Drivers are required to abide all traffic regulations that consist of local laws and speed restrictions or limits. Drivers perform the task of loading and unloading cargoes and are required to have an activity log. They also keep a comprehensive record of their truck condition.

Only drivers with a commercial driver’s license can drive long haul trucks. The license requirements per state differ, although most of the tests consist of written exams and driving tests. Trucking companies require drivers with a specialty in operating long haul trailers that carry dangerous items. The drivers are continually given tests and background checking is performed to ensure that they have the proper licensing approval. Drivers undergo alcohol and drug tests before going on duty.

Since the trucking trade is continuously changing, trucking companies have set a high standard when hiring drivers, particularly for long haul trucks. The reason for this is running on defective trailers is the responsibility of both the truck driver and the trucking company. To violate the hours of service (HOS) rules would result in getting violation points from the Carrier Safety Administration (CSA). The hours of service (HOS) rule is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Trucking companies must operate in a professional and safe method to avoid receiving an “Operation Out-of-Service Order.” This directive has made the hiring of drivers stricter.

Long haul trucking companies have advised their drivers to do the following to ensure their and other people’s safety while on the road:

  1. Observe defensive driving. Drivers should observe driving at or below the speed limit. They should be on guard for probable road hazards.
  2. Must get sufficient sleep. Trucking companies do not allow their drivers to work beyond their schedule, so the drivers get adequate sleep.
  3. Must have practical and reasonable objectives. Drivers should observe their expected time of arrival, so they can sleep before driving back to their place of origin.

With the goal to improve fuel efficiency, long haul trucking companies help in improving drivers’ performance. To check and manage the drivers’ activities behind the wheel, trucking companies use on-board technology. If you need long haul trailer assistance, check Avrio Logistics – a name you can trust on long haul trucks.