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Avrio handles eCommerce.

Fulfillment Services Include

  • Palletize
    We place heavy items on bottom, then stack smaller and lighter items towards the top. We then shrink rap the goods.
  • Cross-Dock
    Avrio cross docking procedures reduce costs of storage and labor for just in time shipments.
  • Bundling
    Combining SKUs for bundles is commonly used to promote sales of goods and gives you a marketing advantage.
  • Kit Creation
    Kit Creation or kitting, is similar to bundling but a new SKU is created and is shipped as one SKU to the customer. This often saves on manufacturing costs and provides customers with more variety of a product.

Retail orders are a snap. Cross-dock, piece, carton, or pallet is picked, labeled, and palletized for shipment using our freight forwarding modules.

Avrio can prepare your inventory in a variety of ways, unique to your specifications. We can bundle your goods and create kits.

For orders across multiple marketplaces, we package your products and attach the labels for those marketplaces.

We help you meet your sales channels requirements and are adept at responding to change.

Kit Creation

Other Solutions