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Wholesale & Retail

Avrio excels in e-commerce and order fulfillment services.

Our Wholesale and Retail Services

  • Distribution
    Avrio handles a full range of options - including picking the order by destination, affixing labels, palletizing, stretch wrapping, and loading to outbound trucks.
  • Pick and Pack
    We fulfill simple, complex and kitting orders, whether a carton contains 1 SKU of 30 SKUs.
  • Retail Store Delivery
    When orders are prepaid to your retail customers, we can handle your shipping whether you need to deliver to their DC (Distribution Center) or their retail stores.
  • EDI/Interfacing
    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is how businesses electronically communicate purchase orders, shipment information and invoicing to each other. Whether your needs are X12 EDI or an API, Avrio has you covered with our Konect2U™ platform.

Whether your customers are wholesale or retail we have you covered. We handle orders for direct-to-customer, retail and dropship channels.

Avrio has a global reach so you can save on transportation costs while expanding your capacity.

We can customize a solution for your needs through our network of locations and create an optimized solution for your needs.

Utilizing our Konect2U™ technology, we can save you time and money but connecting you directly to your customer orders.


Other Solutions