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Customs Clearance

Avrio is a fully licensed and bonded Customs Broker

Customs Clearance Services

  • Shipment Execution
    Shipment Execution provides you with a complete end-to-end visibility of your shipments by simplifying complicated carrier connections.
  • Prepare Documents
    We prepare all necessary documentation to clear or transport a client’s cargo in bond to its destination.
  • Remote Location Filing
    Helpful for ports in the United States other than the NJ/NY, reducing fees and speedening clearance
  • Customs House Brokerage(CHB)
    CHB is an acronym used in logistics for ‘Customs House Brokerage’. All goods that cross a border must go through a customs clearance checkpoint – whether they’re being exported or imported.

We take the stress out of the customs process by preparing all the needed documents to clear your cargo in bond to its destination.

Avrio handles the filing to expedite clearance, ensuring the transport of your goods quickly and safely.

Avrio meets and exceeds your needs and adapts with you, staying competitive in rating and customer service.

Avrio provides End-to-End Solutions from the overseas vendor to customs clearance, documentation control, commercial invoicing, bill of lading, certificate of origins, and Power of Attorneys.

Customs House Brokerage(CHB)

Other Solutions