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Freight Forwarding

Custom Freight Forwarding

Custom Freight Forwarding

  • Consolidation
    Consider consolidation services when you have unused space in shipping containers, or perhaps when there is a shortage of drivers. When you want to save on fuel charges, and when you want to reduce the carbon footprint of the delivery in general.
  • Distribution
    Avrio handles a full range of options - including picking the order by destination, affixing labels, palletizing, stretch wrapping, and loading to outbound trucks.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
    We enables carriers, service providers and enterprises to manage their key assets, including containers, chassis, trailers and more across the entire lifecycle. We provide accurate and dynamic asset tracking, financial management and maintenance and repair
  • Logistics Execution
    Avrio Logistics helps customers successfully execute all aspects of logistics across the supply chain
  • Dry Cargo Chartering
    Ideal for shipping bulk commodities, Dry Cargo Chartering saves time and money. With our network of resources, we can find a solution that works for you.
  • Tanker Chartering
    Similar to Dry Cargo Chartering, this is ideal for liquid and gas bulk cargoes. We understand the differences and complexities this type of chartering entails.
  • Towage
    Our network of carriers can handle your need to ship goods to a port requiring towage for a vessel containing your freight.
  • Consulting
    Avrio has years of experience in finding the most time and cost-effective way of getting your goods from one place to one or many places at once. With our knowledge, network and technology we can create a solution for you. We value your needs and expectations of you and your customers.

Whether your goods need to go by road, sea, rail, or air - we ensure efficient transportation

STC Logistics, a division of Avrio Logistics – is the industry-leading, real-time network that connects and uplifts the entire supply chain ecosystem.

We bring data from multiple sources to drive predictive capabilities in demand.

Avrio's solutions minimize risk, decrease complexity and reduce costs for the entire supply chain ecosystem.


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