Qualities of Reliable Refrigerated Trucking Companies

 Hiring a logistics firm to haul your produce requires thorough examination. You need to have the assurance that your products are delivered safely and promptly. It is even more critical if your products are perishable and temperature-sensitive. Refrigerated trucking companies provide the required level of complexity for fresh produce, dairy and other items requiring a temperature-controlled environment. 

What to Look for from Refrigerated Trucking Companies 

The top four qualities that you need to look for are:

  1. Expertise and experience

Verify the refrigerated trucking companies’ experience as well as their level of expertise.

How long have they been providing refrigerated trucking service?

Do they know the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the shipment of consumable goods? Are they FDA compliant?

You may find some providers that can haul your goods but are not familiar with FDA rules. Do not settle for these companies even if their fees are low. Chances are your products will not stay as fresh, and product mishandling can occur. Search for refrigerated trucking companies that have a long and a good success record and a high customer satisfaction rating. You will feel more secure, knowing that your customers will receive their orders safe, fresh and on time.

  1. Equipment and tools

Inspect the company’s equipment and tools. Are their equipment and tools up-to-date? It is necessary that the refrigerated trucking company has newer and technically-advanced equipment and tools. This assures you that no breakdowns will happen. A company with a more technological refrigeration service equipment is capable of providing an excellent environment that your products need. Other than the new equipment and tools, check if its truck drivers are well-trained and know how to handle the equipment. A new equipment is nothing if the driver is not properly trained to use it.

  1. The Size 

Although a personalized service from smaller refrigerated trucking company may be enticing, it may be incapable of providing you the required temperature-controlled truck. Bigger providers have huge haulers that can meet your huge requirements. Always go for the company that can meet your needs. Inquire on the company’s branches, particularly if you do export and import. Even local transactions would need the refrigerated trucking company to have branches in other localities. Their availability in certain areas will get your products where you intend to deliver them.

  1. The Fees

Finally, you need to consider their fees. No matter what you say, “what you pay for is what you get.” These companies usually base their fees on their experience, expertise, equipment, etc. When discussing about the fees, confirm if there are any hidden costs, overnight waiting fees or multiple stop charges. Sometimes lower cost has a corresponding risk, and you might end up spending more.

To sum it up, choose from the list of refrigerated trucking companies a provider with a proven customer satisfaction record, updated equipment and vehicles that are capable of handling products requiring controlled temperature. Save money by conducting some research, and ask for referrals from your business associates. Avrio logistics takes care of your company’s reputation by bringing your products safe and fresh– delivering it promptly to your customers.