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Your end to end supply chain service provider

What we do

Avrio helps our customers execute all aspects of logistics across the entire supply chain from the first mile to the last mile and everything in between."

STC Logistics, an Avrio company and member of the CIF Group network, is a global freight forwarder whose core capabilities include NVOCC, freight forwarding, customs, trucking, bulk carriers, tankers, container, chartering, and technical services.

How we do it:

STC and Avrio stay connected while your containers are in transit to coordinate schedules and minimize port delays. Once landed, Avrio takes responsibility for drayage and warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, delivery tracking, and reverse logistics services. We pick by piece, carton, and pallet to meet the needs of your customers.


Adapting to change.

As a service provider, it's critical for us to understand the specific performance drivers - both for the industry and each specific customer - and asking how they are competing, what their differentiated value proposition is, and how we enable and add to it.

How we manage it...

We listen. We ask questions, adapt and ask more questions. We don’t expect clients to fit into our model of doing things, we extend and express a unique bespoke model for each client's needs as they arise.

Partnerships Matter

It's not just partnerships across warehouses, it is also our suppliers and customers. We don't take the word it means that we truly connect our operations.

This translates to a shared strategic vision and objective, with mutual expectations of performance and operating objectives. We believe that cultural alignment is key to enable streamlined partner relations. This in turn leads to the most prized quality within all partner and supplier relations, trust.