Avrio Logistics provides world class

drayage services at professional prices.

Avrio Logistics is driven to work with you and provide competitive pricing, because we know if we provide cost effective prices we will keep our customers satisfied.

We accommodate all kinds of demands, including non-standard weight and overweight capabilities.

Our drayage services are extremely competitive in terms of using various modes of transportation to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

Matchless Truckload Freight

Tri-axle Chassis

Refrigerated Containers

Monitor Shipments

We provide supporting features of transporting products from one mode to another mode of carrier. This inter-modal process continues till delivery to the end user. Our clients are informed at every stage of the process and they can easily monitor the status of the shipments. The customers of our clients get secure delivery of their desired goods.
Avrio Logistics is competing with the world’s leading logistics companies to provide unique and intelligent solutions to supply chain management of highly reputed companies.