Drayage Companies Get Your Business Running Good 

The movement of products, even for short distances is an important concern. This movement is described as getting goods from a harbor and bringing it to an adjacent warehouse. Drayage is vital in inter-method movements; however, choosing the most appropriate drayage service provider is way afar getting the lowest rate. Choose from the several drayage companies by checking the total service offered, assuring that it is the right one for your business.

How to Select from the Numerous Drayage Companies

  1. Look for a provider that prioritizes safety.

Drayage companies should employ drivers who are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, have an authenticated Transportation Worker Identification Credential card and have excellent and clean driving records.

  1. Verify the on-time delivery record of the provider.

It is essential that the drayage company’s on-time record meets up your standards and that of your customers.

  1. Select a drayage provider that has the capability to cover the assigned loads.

Make certain that the drayage company you will hire has the capacity to cover all deliveries regardless if these are plenty.

  1. Look for receptiveness.

The provider should be accessible to answer your call on any situations, such as when confirming acceptance of a work order; submitting a fee request, or verifying the status of a delivery.

  1. Choose a provider that has the same beliefs and goals as yours.

Work will be more fruitful if you work with a drayage company that shares your principles. Check a number of drayage companies and get at least 3 or more to choose from and compare their missions and visions. Who among these companies have the same values as yours?

  1. Request the drayage company to provide you data.

It should be able to provide receipt confirmation, follows the set time or schedule and proof of delivery without waiting for the customer to ask for it. It should be able to track and trace deliveries, inform you as soon as the shipment arrives, so it can be collected to prevent storage costs.

  1. Expect to receive correct billing and notifications (when needed).

The firm should give you correct invoices. It should inform you immediately of any changes.

  1. Pick a drayage firm that is well-rounded.

It should be aware of what is happening like an approaching storm, a driver having trouble getting to the terminal or a strike at the port. It should be able to provide solutions to such issues to avoid delays that can add up to your costs.

  1. Check if the provider has the necessary equipment to meet your requirements.

Hauling your heavy items may need special equipment like a tri-axle chassis or reefers. Make sure that the provider has the required certifications and the important abilities if your goods are medicines, need to be refrigerated, or are dangerous.

      10. Look for a provider that completely knows the local market.

It can steer the traffic– gates at the terminal and docks have faster spin times. Get a provider who comprehends roadways and facility processes to get your freight to move faster.

Only deal with respectable and reliable drayage companies like Avrio to keep your business running and ensure customer satisfaction.