How do Refrigerated Transport Trucks Stay Cold

How do Refrigerated Transport Trucks Stay Cold

How do Refrigerated Transport Trucks Stay Cold

The movement of consumable items from the manufacturer sites to the retailers requires caution to avoid spoilage. Refrigerated transport trucks are used to deliver consumable foods like raw meats, frozen dairy products (yogurt, ice cream, sherbet, milk, sherbet, etc.), and frozen dinners to ensure their freshness.

How Food Stays Fresh in the Refrigerated Transport Trucks

Even long distances will not get your fresh products stale when travelling in refrigerator trucks. To maintain the temperature inside, these trucks use ice and other schemes, making the produce still fresh. Its inside walls are lined with hard blocks of ice. The main part is left open where products requiring a cool environment are stored. Onboard cooling systems that look like the one found in your home refrigerator are used. Carbon dioxide is even used in some trucks to minimize and sustain the temperature inside the trailer.


To have a space for foam insulation, there are voids at the back of the walls and under the aluminum floor of refrigerator trucks. The voids on the floor provide an area to install foam, providing structural support for cargo, which are very sturdy and durable.

Refrigerated transport trucks are not only ideal for foods requiring a specific temperature range when stored. Other items can also be transported using these trucks. These include medical supplies like: a) drugs that need regulated temperature control; and b) organs for transplants. These items are kept inside the refrigerator trucks when transported.

Refrigerator trucks are also utilized by archaeologists when shipping artifacts, so they remain intact when submitted for evaluation in museums or research facilities.

The doors of these trucks are kept close to maintain the right temperature needed by the items inside. The summer months pose risk to the perishable items inside the refrigerator trucks if the doors are left open for even just an hour: This exposes the items inside the truck to all the outside elements, particularly heat.

When dealing with a refrigerator truck transport service, specify that there should be no short drop offs and pickups when your products are inside the truck. Verify with the provider that the vehicle is up-to-date with its maintenance. There should be appropriate insulation, which is the R-value (Thermal Resistance) to promote cold, chilled and frozen cargo.

How these refrigerated transport trucks maintain the temperature is a big question. Keeping the temperature depends greatly on the number of times the doors of the vehicle were opened and on the outside temperature.

With Avrio Logistics, perishable items reach their destination as fresh as they were taken from the manufacturer’s sites. Refrigerated transport truck drivers follow a routine schedule of keeping the inside temperature with no short stops and drop offs and with reduced opening of the truck doors.

Freight Services for the Faster Shipment of Products

Freight Services for the Faster Shipment of Products

Freight Services for the Faster Shipment of Products

Not all products are shipped in the same mode of delivery. While some are shipped via postal delivery or couriers, a few requires a faster transport mode like freight services.

Freight service allows the shipment of goods that require switches at business freight or distribution centers for pre-arranged directions. The shipping process time is reduced with this service, making the shipping process a lot more suitable and fitting for customers particularly those with hazardous deliveries.

Freight service undertakes the extraordinary demands in shipment to make it easier and fitting for companies to get their products to the target area promptly and safely.

How does Freight Services Work

In freight service, protection of the item is necessary. Therefore, all items requiring safety is boxed, packed and properly placed in crates to make certain of their protection. All goods are labeled properly and efficiently. Loading the goods is usually the task of the freight service staff or the driver. A freight truck that features a hydraulic lift-gate was said to be exclusive in loading big-sized items.

Shipping huge items weighing over 100 pounds is the forte of freight services. Air, water and land modes of transport are used by freight companies on shipping these kinds of items. Alternatively, an exclusive truck or container is responsible on transporting mega huge shipments.

  • The Truck Load (TL) shipment refers to items weighing more than 800 pounds.
  • The Less than a Truck Load (LTL) transports smaller shipment. It is cheaper than truck load, making it a popular choice.

The freight service specialist helps the customer to arrive at a decision by suggesting the cheapest mode of transport. As it is the cheapest, LTL load service is normally selected.

With principal freight service firms offering ‘less than a truck load,’ it has become a common choice of most shippers. Less Than a Truck Load packs your items adequately, ensuring the safety of your item and for easy tracing of the delivery.

Fragile items receive specialty freight service. The items are collected, and then deliver them to their final destination. Freight service for fragile items is costlier compare to ‘less than a truck load’ service.

Freight service is a huge adaptation of shipping a package that makes use of the following:

  • the post office for the shipment of a small box or a letter;
  • the delivery courier for small to medium size package; and
  • the Freight Services for shipping big quantities of products that are also gigantic in sizes.

Discuss your options with a freight services representative if you cannot decide on the kind of shipment service you’ll need. The service representative can answer all your questions and can provide you with efficient solutions.

Avrio Logistics is your top rate worldwide logistics provider that guarantees the fast delivery of your shipments to their destination in a cost-effective manner. Remember, your business cannot suffer the consequence of failed or late deliveries. Take action now and put your company on top!

Technology Consulting for Your Business Gain

Technology Consulting for Your Business Gain

Technology Consulting for Your Business Gain

When searching for a logistics technology consulting firm, do not look for one that offers you the lowest price. Instead, look for a company that has the experience and definite success rate criteria.   

Searching for a Logistics Technology Consulting Firm

  • Request the Firm for a Record of their Success

You need to make sure that the technology consulting firm has performed the kind of task that you require. Ask them to submit a client list. Check their references and verify their technical certification.

  • Use Technological Knowledge as Benchmark

The logistics consulting firm should tap your present technology tools and not to get new tools. Ensure that it can create solutions by using the most up-to-date technology and can accommodate the quick innovations in technology. It should plan for big traffic volumes, the ever developing technology and the increasing varied applications. The solutions they offer should be expansible keeping your investment protected.

  • Pick a firm that listens.

It should understand your company’s goals and objectives. It should let you talk about the company and should know how your business ran.

  • Go for an experienced firm.

Choose a firm that has been in the business for some time and is stable. The firm must be able to create software and hardware updates, efficient programs for knowledge transfer and support. Request for a company profile that shows its key staff.

  • Request them to submit a comprehensive business plan.

It should have a proven knowledge on making methodologies that include: a) rules that guarantee the leverage of present technology; b) involve your team at every stage of the project; c) well documented and supported applications and development levels.

Milestones with quality assurances should be included in the procedure. Inquire as to how they will handle the job and organize their process.

  • Check its resources.

Is the firm capable of handling the project? Does it have the resources that are essential in completing the task? Does it have the appropriate combination of people needed for the task that you require? Will it be able to meet a stiff deadline or for special needs? Does it have subcontractors to help finish the task requiring a tight time limit? Request for the resumè of the staff assigned to your project that includes their skills, knowledge, experience and values.

  • Find out how the technology consulting firm looks at teamwork.

Do its mentors provide training to its clients? It is important that rapport is established with your key staff. Teamwork is the key. They should listen to your needs. Communication should be open – explain their points and make changes in their proposals depending on your suggestions and comments.

  • Look for a consulting firm that is willing to accommodate your company’s ideals.

They should conform to your business’ values, ideals and business practices.

  • Go for a firm that is flexible and has good organizational abilities.

It should be able to make adjustments to its present team so as to meet your current and future objectives. Is it ready to re-adjust procedures easily to meet your new demands?

Choosing the best logistics technology consulting firm will be your company’s gain that you can get from Avrio logistics.


The Long Haul Trucking Business

The Long Haul Trucking Business

The Long Haul Trucking Business

Shipment of products across state lines takes hours of travel. The road condition is not the only major requirement for these deliveries. It also requires heavy long haul trucks and most of all, highly proficient drivers. Long haul trucking brings products safely and intact to consumers in distant areas.

The Long Haul Trucking Business

A variety of tasks are included in long haul trucking, like operating a heavy haul vehicle. However, the usual activities in a long haul truck operation include loading and unloading of cargoes every two days. With short haul trucking, loading and unloading is performed two or three times daily.

To ensure that the truck is functioning properly and safely, operators check the rigs on a regular basis. Planning the most favorable road is the drivers’ job. Drivers are required to abide all traffic regulations that consist of local laws and speed restrictions or limits. Drivers perform the task of loading and unloading cargoes and are required to have an activity log. They also keep a comprehensive record of their truck condition.

Only drivers with a commercial driver’s license can drive long haul trucks. The license requirements per state differ, although most of the tests consist of written exams and driving tests. Trucking companies require drivers with a specialty in operating long haul trailers that carry dangerous items. The drivers are continually given tests and background checking is performed to ensure that they have the proper licensing approval. Drivers undergo alcohol and drug tests before going on duty.

Since the trucking trade is continuously changing, trucking companies have set a high standard when hiring drivers, particularly for long haul trucks. The reason for this is running on defective trailers is the responsibility of both the truck driver and the trucking company. To violate the hours of service (HOS) rules would result in getting violation points from the Carrier Safety Administration (CSA). The hours of service (HOS) rule is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Trucking companies must operate in a professional and safe method to avoid receiving an “Operation Out-of-Service Order.” This directive has made the hiring of drivers stricter.

Long haul trucking companies have advised their drivers to do the following to ensure their and other people’s safety while on the road:

  1. Observe defensive driving. Drivers should observe driving at or below the speed limit. They should be on guard for probable road hazards.
  2. Must get sufficient sleep. Trucking companies do not allow their drivers to work beyond their schedule, so the drivers get adequate sleep.
  3. Must have practical and reasonable objectives. Drivers should observe their expected time of arrival, so they can sleep before driving back to their place of origin.

With the goal to improve fuel efficiency, long haul trucking companies help in improving drivers’ performance. To check and manage the drivers’ activities behind the wheel, trucking companies use on-board technology. If you need long haul trailer assistance, check Avrio Logistics – a name you can trust on long haul trucks.

Qualities of Reliable Refrigerated Trucking Companies

Qualities of Reliable Refrigerated Trucking Companies

 Qualities of Reliable Refrigerated Trucking Companies

 Hiring a logistics firm to haul your produce requires thorough examination. You need to have the assurance that your products are delivered safely and promptly. It is even more critical if your products are perishable and temperature-sensitive. Refrigerated trucking companies provide the required level of complexity for fresh produce, dairy and other items requiring a temperature-controlled environment. 

What to Look for from Refrigerated Trucking Companies 

The top four qualities that you need to look for are:

  1. Expertise and experience

Verify the refrigerated trucking companies’ experience as well as their level of expertise.

How long have they been providing refrigerated trucking service?

Do they know the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the shipment of consumable goods? Are they FDA compliant?

You may find some providers that can haul your goods but are not familiar with FDA rules. Do not settle for these companies even if their fees are low. Chances are your products will not stay as fresh, and product mishandling can occur. Search for refrigerated trucking companies that have a long and a good success record and a high customer satisfaction rating. You will feel more secure, knowing that your customers will receive their orders safe, fresh and on time.

  1. Equipment and tools

Inspect the company’s equipment and tools. Are their equipment and tools up-to-date? It is necessary that the refrigerated trucking company has newer and technically-advanced equipment and tools. This assures you that no breakdowns will happen. A company with a more technological refrigeration service equipment is capable of providing an excellent environment that your products need. Other than the new equipment and tools, check if its truck drivers are well-trained and know how to handle the equipment. A new equipment is nothing if the driver is not properly trained to use it.

  1. The Size 

Although a personalized service from smaller refrigerated trucking company may be enticing, it may be incapable of providing you the required temperature-controlled truck. Bigger providers have huge haulers that can meet your huge requirements. Always go for the company that can meet your needs. Inquire on the company’s branches, particularly if you do export and import. Even local transactions would need the refrigerated trucking company to have branches in other localities. Their availability in certain areas will get your products where you intend to deliver them.

  1. The Fees

Finally, you need to consider their fees. No matter what you say, “what you pay for is what you get.” These companies usually base their fees on their experience, expertise, equipment, etc. When discussing about the fees, confirm if there are any hidden costs, overnight waiting fees or multiple stop charges. Sometimes lower cost has a corresponding risk, and you might end up spending more.

To sum it up, choose from the list of refrigerated trucking companies a provider with a proven customer satisfaction record, updated equipment and vehicles that are capable of handling products requiring controlled temperature. Save money by conducting some research, and ask for referrals from your business associates. Avrio logistics takes care of your company’s reputation by bringing your products safe and fresh– delivering it promptly to your customers.