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Inventory In The Palm Of Your Hand

Because Avrio Logistics, Inc. uses all W3C open web platform technology, our website and online inventory is completely accessible from any web enabled device. Avrio uses HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, which provides the most compatible way to deliver our webpage and online inventory to our customers. Whether one is using an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other web device, our customers will be able to access their inventory.



Mission Critical Data

Starting Feb 2012, all of our local servers will change to external servers through out the USA. Each server will have “blazing fast” speeds, much faster than the bonded T1’s we had in the past, making it even faster than our 12Mbps cable modems that we are currently using. Our servers are backed-up daily and have multiple internet backbones, resulting in zero downtime! At Avrio Logistics, Inc., we felt significant upgrades are very important for our valued customers. It is our goal to enable our customers to have available 24/7 the quickest and most reliable connections to their on-line inventories.


Free Customer Training page

At Avrio Logistics Inc, we can provide popular formats in both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Wether if its in Microsoft Office format or OSX iWorks format, we can provide both. We are proud to the first and only logistics company to provide this, as our customers are growing in the Mac OSX market.


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