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At Avrio Logistics, we work hard with leading companies in a range of industries to tackle domestic and international logistics problems for any client engagement. Though every problem we encounter is different, we approach all of our engagements with certain fundamental perspectives. Strategy doesn’t count for much unless it gets implemented. At Avrio Logistics, we excel at bridging the strategic and the tactical – which is why we keep one eye on the big picture, but never at the cost of getting tangible, measurable results. You want your shipments picked-up and delivered on time, without damages or shortages. You want access to your transportation broker when you need answers, not when it’s convenient for them. You want accurate and honest information about where your shipment is at every step of the way. At Avrio Logistics, we understand that working with a broker is about more than just finding a truck and it shouldn’t make your job more complicated which is why we provide updates for your most critical domestic and international shipments, so this way you are able to keep your customers informed. Our technology includes the following features giving us a competitive edge in the logistics market:

  • On-line Pick-ups
  • On-line Status of Freight
  • Inventory Control Software
  • Every Single Document is Scanned / Available On-line
  • E-mail and IM messenger
  • Electronic Billing
  • Electronic Payment System
  • Credit Card Payments Available

At Avrio Logistics we also believe in Security. That’s we have state of the art security systems at all of our locations. We are proud to provide the services below to assure you are getting the best possible security features:

  • Keyless Card Access Security System Tied to Security
  • Has Never Had a Theft Claim
  • Entire Facility is Fenced and Barb Wired
  • Fully Monitored and Logged Security System
  • Employees Background Checked
  • Drug Tested Employees
  • Fully Automated Sprinkler System Throughout Facility

Our expertise covers the entire range of the supply chain and logistics functions, including domestic and international freight forwarding, expedited trucking and all other modes of domestic trucking, drayage, warehousing, labor and distribution management. This breadth of services gives us the skills and experience to solve client problems in their entirety. If we recommend a better way to operate a warehouse, move your product, method of inventory management, it will be one that integrates with the needs of sales and marketing departments, supports overall strategic goals, and improves the cost and service that your company is able to deliver. With a customer directory containing numerous Fortune 500 companies, Avrio is poised to remain atop supply chain logistics partner for many years to come. Our unmatched reputation for premier shipping service continuously allows us to run countless trips and miles.

We’d like to learn more about your transportation needs and warehousing needs, and discuss where you want your goods to be. Then, we’ll show you how Avrio Logistics total logistics solutions can get you there on time, every time .We look forward to hearing from you for your free quote.


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